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Peter’s Full Body Scan was amazingly informative. I was really blown away by the diagnosis of my issues. Peter was very friendly and knowledgeable. I’ll be back for a follow up scan in 2 weeks to see my improvement.

Bill Thompson

I am currently being treated by Naturopath Peter for Fertility and Hoo-ray after 2 months we hit the jackpot.

Joy Tyler

The naturopath service by Peter was awesome and pinpointed all the problem areas that I had suspected and more

Katherine Styles

Who would have known that my allergies cleared up in 6 months.. Now I can eat and drink what I like when I like. Wow what a feeling

Bill Trone

Peter’s Acupuncture with the heat lamp and tens machine got my carpel tunnel fixed Without having to miss 3 months work for an operation. I am eternally grateful.

Nelson Coffin

My hayfever reached the stage that I was stuffed and runny all the time. My nose wouldn’t turn off. Peter with some Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture stopped my leaky old nose after 2 visits.

Patty Fromey

That’s what I call a Hi Tech Clinic. It was amazing how the amazing body scan diagnosed all the right spots. Now I get a monthly check-up just to make sure my health stays at maximum potential. What an excellent service.

Allison Billingsley